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Call me a sailor, call me Beetlejuice’s little sister, I don’t care. The horizontal lines that we all know and love as stripes are and will forever be a part of my wardrobe. I’m not quite sure when this obsession started but I do know that if you’re not sure of what to get me for my birthday, Christmas, Tuesday … anything striped will be loved and forever treasured.

Here are some of my favorite stripe ensembles that I’ve dug up via Pinterest.

Isn't this outfit cute? It's probably my favorite go-to outfits for the weekend. This would also look good for the office, just throw on a blazer and some nice black or nude flats (depends on the color of your purse), and you're good to go!

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This may be a little bit too literal of a stripe outfit but I absolutely love it. Especially with the play of stripe sizes and combos. I even love the way the skirt has different movements of stripe patterns.


Got to hand it to Kendall Jenner, she knows how to work an outfit. This one in particular is smashing. It's part tomboy, part chic and sophisticated, and part sassy.

Got to hand it to Ms. B, she can rock anything, even in the most drabbiest of weather conditions. Granted this picture, and line, was taken circa 2015, which in fashion years is eons ago, but I think it could still be rocked. Heck, I'll take her hand-me-downs anytime.

If I ever were to get married again ... or excuse me ... redo my wedding day ... which, do NOT tell my husband I'm writing this as I put him through enough Pinterest plans in the first place—I think I'll go with a stripe theme for my bridesmaids. Not that I didn't love my sunset theme for my leading ladies and my man's leading gents in our lives (they wore shades of pink, yellow, lavender and red), but this idea of mixing stripes for bridesmaids dresses is just pure genius!

What is your favorite pattern? Plaid? Polka dots? I'd love to hear about your preferences and, more importantly, fashion fixes.

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