'The Lucky One' opens Friday, April 20

By Suzie Setzler and Krysti Peacock  

“The Lucky One” is the film adaptation of the Nicholas Sparks' novel of the same name. It is a story about one soldier’s savior, a photograph of a young a woman in front of a lighthouse - a woman whom he does not know, but attributes to his safety.

Returning from his third tour of duty, U.S. soldier Logan Thibault (Zac Efron) returns to North Carolina to find he is unable to acclimate. Leaving with little more than his backpack and his dog, he ventures off to find the woman in the photograph, hoping to find closure by thanking her for unknowingly becoming his guardian. When he finally finds her, he is unable to express his intent and instead resorts to accepting a rut job helping her out at her dog boarding kennel. From there, Logan begins to lay roots as he finds himself falling in love with the single mother, Beth (Taylor Schilling) and her young son, Ben (Riley Thomas Stewart). Meanwhile Beth, after being in an unfaithful relationship, learns to trust and care for Logan. However, not with the blessing of Ben’s biological father who verges on the edge of abusive, doing everything he can to threaten Beth’s and Logan’s budding relationship. In the end, the film is about letting go and moving on, learning to rely on others again to help heal deep wounds; Beth and her past experiences with her ex-husband and Logan’s traumatic stress from the war.

Overall, we thought the film was very good. Actually better than we thought it would have been and Efron definitely carried his weight in his performance. Truth be told, his earlier performance in the film of a soldier suffering from post-traumatic stress was moving and believable, and we could have watched an entire film just on his ventures. For fans of Sparks’ novels, the stories center on the rough tribulations of life and the relationships that are hurt by such.

In the end, we felt the plot was very predictable in its journey but appreciated it nonetheless. And though the ending was a bit much for its overall tone, we were rewarded just the same with a good, romantic film. “The Lucky One” was a solid movie with good acting and likeable characters. We wanted to see them succeed and we wanted to see them grow and “The Lucky One” delivered.

“The Lucky One” hits theaters nationwide Friday April 20.

Rated PG-13

Cast and Credit:

Directed by Scott Hicks

Zac Efron - Logan

Taylor Schilling - Beth

Blythe Danner - Ellie

Riley Thomas Stewart - Ben

Jay R. Ferguson - Keith

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