Check Out Hunger

With the holiday season approaching, Kraft Foods Hawai‘i has again launched its “Check-Out Hunger” campaign to benefit foodbanks across the state. Running through January 17, 2017, the annual fundraiser pleas with shoppers to donate money to help feed a child, a senior or an entire family.

“It’s really a natural human reaction to want to help somebody else when it comes to food,” says Polly Kauahi, vice president and COO of the Hawai‘i Foodbank. “It’s really a great way for people to reflect and take notice. Especially during the holidays … that’s what the season is all about.”

Modeled after New Jersey’s successful Check-Out Hunger, the Hawaii Foodbank first adopted the program during the 1993 holiday season. Brightly-colored, green coupon-like tags were stocked at the majority of the Safeway branches on O‘ahu, allowing customers to tear off the amount they’d like to donate, as well as get a description of the beneficiary of their generous donation. The program received wide support from the community, allowing the Hawai‘i Foodbank to continue the campaign the following year with more stores on O‘ahu and additional shops on the Neighbor Islands.    

As in previous years, participating locations will once again include Safeway, Times Supermarkets, Big Save Markets, Don Quijote, KTA Super Stores, Tamura’s Market, Tamura’s Fine Wine & Liquors, Tamura’s Supermarket, ChoiceMART, Shima’s Supermarket and  Fujioka Wine Times. When checking out at the register at any one of these locations, people can choose a voucher in the amount of $2.81, which will feed a child breakfast for a week; $12.43, which will buy a senior lunch for a month; and $16.84, which will help support a family’s dinner for an entire week.

“Participating in the ‘Check-Out Hunger’ program is an easy way for the community to come together and help these local families in need,” says Hawai‘i Foodbank’s  president and CEO Gerald Shintaku. 

To help out the Hawaii Foodbank, call 836-3600 or visit:

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